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Producer 2012 - Present

As producer I worked with the team at Lock 'n Load to change the presentation of all our pre-existing board games, as well as create standards and styles for all games going forward. Working with our development team, I re-designed all our component standards and production values, as well as adding color and size to the text and visuals, I dramatically increased our sales both domestically and abroad without increasing production cost. 

I coordinated each step of the products’ development from design and development to their manufacture in China. In my role as Producer I have over 50 products and counting in stores and online and I've become a specialist in the processes of producing and manufacturing games.

Check out the gallery below for a sample of the games I've helped produce. To see them all, visit

LNLT Image.jpg
Lock "n Load Tactical: Bio
Lock "n Load Tactical: Pro Gallery
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